The early years

Son of a singer and of a handicraft woman, Daniel was born, in 1952, at Sainte-Anne de Bellevue in the province of Quebec (Canada).

Daniel's parents encouraged his artistic creativity at an early age. His daily companions were piano, organ, saxophone and clarinet until he discovered his true love for drawing.

Soon his music sheets were covered with rough sketches that will later be used for his first attempts with oil painting.

Later Daniel took some industrial drawing courses and acquired a certain self discipline that still helps him today.



As a self- taught artist, Daniel would often visit art galleries and read art books as artistic pursuits. Attracted by the energy of colors, he studied the Masters and, at the same time, he discovered the colorful Quebec landscape. He took a mentor and spent an entire year assimilating his teacher's advises and finally created his own palette of colors that still identify him today.

While visiting the province of Quebec for sites to paint, he fell in love with the tranquillity, the landscapes and the colors of the Charlevoix region. This is when and where his true painting romance began



Despite keeping a permanent employment, Daniel participated in many workshops throughout this region and he became friendly with other nature-loving and landscape painters. These relationships helped Daniel to perfect his style and Charlevoix gradually became his Eden where he can best express his passion for painting.

His work evokes his fascination for wide-open spaces. Moreover, his use of shadows and lights, his dancing houses and agitated skies are like poems that profess his love for this part of the country.

By 1990, Daniel's drawing and colorful palette improved greatly as he continued his studies and further discovered hidden jewels of the Charlevoix region. One can meet him on the roads, in the fields, on the beaches or in the mountains seeking for details or scenes to paint.

His paintbrushes marvelously translate the brightness and the life of the village church and houses. His tones radiate an intensity that stretches lazily trough out the valley.


Toward Maturity

Daniel has continuously looked for a place that would mirror his inner soul. He decided to leave his employment and to concentrate all his energy into his painting career. He made his home in Charlevoix where he finds the essence of his creativity.

If you ask Daniel a simple question like: “What is your favorite season?” His reply will be: “Look all around, there is always something to discover."

In his free times, he likes to escape into nature. Chances are that you will be able to find him on a back road or in a field concentrating on a canvas.

Daniel believes in his passion and nourishes himself of this sacred flame that warms up the heart of anyone when viewing the immensity with open arms.

Lost in the nature and stirred by the wind, he embraces this landscape passionately and, he puts his paintbrushes to work in order to permanently capture what he sees and what he feels

A feeling of liberty  “Oh! Liberty... to interpret the Lord's creation into words and songs at any time and for eternity."

When Daniel drafts a sketch  he visualizes the canvas, he conceives in his mind's eye the flow of colors and he feels swept away by the mysticism of a memory where he can retire in a world of fantasies. Then he begins creating the images of his dreams and lost in the excitement of giving and overwhelmed by his work, Daniel steps into a world of joy and happiness.

Often Daniel has stopped to contemplate diamonds on the Saint-Lawrence River or to admire the mirage around those famous capes of Charlevoix. He has also very often hurried to witness the sunrise or sunset in order to find his various tones.

Often, he has watched the clouds and has dreamed of these marvelous spots, wonderful landscapes, valleys and mountains where great winds cause the pine trees to bend on top of the capes of Charlevoix.

There is a sense of immensity in Daniel's paintings and the strength of his skies evokes the majesty of the mountains. His work reflects his passion and Charlevoix is Daniel’s nest where he continues his adventure toward maturity and excellence.


Last Update February 26th 2008

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